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privacy policy

  1. Based on the principle of respecting the personality of individuals, we comply with the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" and other related laws and regulations, and handle personal information with care in every business we carry out.

  2. We will acquire personal information in a lawful and appropriate manner.

  3. We will specify the purpose of use of personal information as much as possible and use personal information only within the scope of the purpose of use.

  4. We will not provide personal information to outside parties without obtaining the prior consent of the person, except in cases based on the scope specified in advance and the provisions of laws and regulations.

  5. We will maintain the accuracy of personal information and take appropriate measures to prevent leakage, loss, damage, etc.

  6. We confirm that the individual has the right to request disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, and suspension of use of his or her own personal information, and will promptly respond to such requests.

  7. We will respond appropriately and promptly to complaints regarding the handling of personal information.

  8. In order to protect personal information, we will implement an appropriate management system and strive to raise the awareness of officers and employees regarding personal information protection.

  9. In order to implement this policy, we will establish personal information protection regulations, ensure that all officers and employees of the corporation are aware of them, and implement them without fail.

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